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Jun Tan, M.D.

Dr. Jun Tan is the Medical Director and founder of Central Occupational Medicine Providers (COMP). He has been practicing occupational medicine in the Inland Empire for many years.

Dr. Tan has extensive knowledge and experience in workers’ compensation. He is dedicated to providing the highest level of medical care to the injured worker and understands the needs of employers and the complexities of workers’ compensation insurance. Dr. Tan is well respected in the specialty of occupational medicine by his staff, patients, colleagues, insurance carriers, and other individuals in his field of practice.

Dr. Tan underwent his clinical training in Emergency Medicine / Neuroscience at Martin Luther King Hospital, Los Angeles, California. Dr. Tan served in the military with the U.S. Naval Reserve.

Thomas Mogensen, M.D.

Dr. Thomas Mogensen’s Professional background includes years of experience in Occupational Medicine. He received his degree in Doctor of Medicine at the nationally known Loma Linda University School of Medicine. His multiple clinical backgrounds include training in General Surgery, Pathology and Family Medicine.

Dr. Mogensen is fluent in several languages - Spanish, Italian, German and French. His outside interests include Visual Basic, MS-Access and development of software for medical education and patient management.

Rolando Cadiz, M.D.

Dr. Rolando Cadiz underwent most of his clinical training at Malcolm Grow, USAF Medical Center, Andrews Air Force Base, Washington D.C. Dr. Cadiz was honorably discharged as a flight surgeon with the rank of Major.

Dr. Cadiz also underwent clinical training in Radiology and General Surgery at Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dionisio Lazaro, M.D.

Dr. Dionisio Lazaro completed his medical residency in Pathology at Harlem Hospital (affiliated with Columbia University) and fellowship in Surgical Pathology at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York.

Dr. Lazaro further completed his clinical training in Internal Medicine at Martin Luther King Hospital, Los Angeles, CA where he met Dr. Tan and eventually joined him as an Occupational Physician.

Wayne D. Starks M.D.

Dr. Starks attended our nation's largest single campus medical school-Wayne State University in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Starks' did his residency training in general surgery at St. John's Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit

Over the past 12 years Dr. Starks has diversified his medical practices to include experience with geriatrics; which led him to become medical director at 3 major nursing home facilities in Southeast Michigan. Dr. Starks also became experienced in chronic pain management which led him to move to California in 2002 and was medical director at Optihealth Pain Clinic in the Inland Empire.

After leaving the pain management clinic, Dr. starks joined COMP and brought with him valuable experience in dealing with injuries and their management.


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