COMP offers Telehealth services for Triage and qualifying injury follow ups. SAVE time and money when you use our triage services. Find out how you can get your fee waived!

Telehealth Triage: Get your fee waived

Use our Telehealth services for triage and save. If its determined that your injured employee does have to come in to our clinic in person, we will waive the triage fee. That’s right! If our Telehealth provider tells you that the injury needs to be seen in person, you will not pay for the Telehealth service.  

How does our Telehealth services work?

Have an expert see your injured employee!

All of our clients have access to our online portal (WIIMS). All your reporting is accessed with a very user friendly program. 

Telehealth Working hours

Monday- Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm
PH: 951 -222 -2206 (ask for Telehealth services)

We are here

4300 Central Ave. | Riverside CA 92506