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COMP is a MPN Provider that offers comprehensive occupational healthcare to your injured employees and other company related needs such as drug & BAT screening, physicals, functional capacity exam, vaccinations, physical therapy, etc. We also conduct educational seminars such as updates on the latest developments on workers’ compensation and other pertinent information relating to employers, employees and insurance carriers.

COMP has extensive experience in occupational healthcare. Our experience enables us to help you develop the most cost effective medical approach and case management

COMP utilizes only physicians, to provide medical care 24 hours 7 days a week. Our principle behind this approach is that we bill for physician service under the Official Fee Schedule and therefore we provide only physician services. We feel that it is unfair for our client to pay physician services when the service is not provided by a physician. COMP refuses any discounted rate for one simple reason – if a clinic gives a 15% discount; somebody has to pay for the lost revenue. That somebody is the EMPLOYER!

Our goal at COMP is to provide the highest level of medical care by aggressive medical management and return your injured employee to their highest level of function as quickly as possible. The overall benefit is maintaining the same level of income and morale for the injured employee, decreasing lost work time, lowering of claims reserves, controlling indemnity cost and ultimately, drastically reducing workers’ compensation costs and premiums.

The key to achieving the goal of good case management & cost containment is HONEST MEDICINE; No over-utilization & no over-billing. COMP’s physicians are well known for their continual interaction with the employer, injured employee and insurance carrier. Our physician reports, clinical status, work status and approximate duration of treatment are relayed immediately following the first injury visit as well as with any changes in case status or the approach of treatment.

Our proprietary advanced computer software allows us to do customized reports tailored to each employer’s needs. The physician progress reports (PR-2), doctor’s first report (DFR), work status, physicals, drug screen, and billing are immediately generated and provided while the employee is still in the examination room. Permanent and stationary reports (PR-3) provided upon request.

COMP will assist our clients with their annual OSHA 300 log and provide access to their records including billing & aging reports, case status reports, expense reports and other company related information through a secured internet web page. Our email system will allow for better communication between COMP and our clients.

At COMP, we don’t just make promises, we deliver and prove it!

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